The Best Valentine’s Day Guide for Halal Restaurants in Orlando 2019

Do you smell that? It’s the smell of love the air. Valentine’s Day is coming up. It’s the day that every husband grumbles under their breath about how commercial the holiday has become while they wait in line to buy overpriced Red Roses at the grocery store because they forgot about it until they saw one of their co-workers receive a delivered arrangement at work.

Don’t be that husband. Elevate your game. Buy the flowers and then read this post about where to bring your special wife for a wonderful dining experience to seal the deal.

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Guru’s TOP 5: Most Popular TOP 5 Lists on Halal Food Guru

February will mark the 2 year anniversary of Halal Food Guru. Our goal when we first started posting was to make it easier for travelers to find and enjoy Halal restaurants in Florida. We wrote detailed reviews of these Halal restaurants so visitors would know what to expect and gain some local insight about the spots to make the most of their experience. We introduced TOP 5 Lists to make it easier to find what you crave, which was well received. Over the past 2 years, we’ve written over 50 posts about Halal restaurants in Orlando, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Miami and other great cities across North America. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

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Guru’s Rapid Review: Sizler Tandoori, Orlando, FL

Orlando’s International Drive is a hub for entertainment complexes, restaurants and retail shops designed for guests to enjoy their day or night without going to the nearby theme parks. Amongst the restaurants, there are several Halal restaurants for Muslim families to enjoy without having to travel far. Sizler, with one “z” is an Indo-Pakistani restaurant that has been around for the better part of a decade serving guests from around the world. It has had moments of inconsistency in food and service quality but has undergone change in management hands and we recently took the opportunity to visit to see what changes they have made.

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Guru’s TOP 5: Halal Restaurants to visit over the Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s no secret that Christmas cheer is spreading around Florida (despite the fact that there is no snow). Visitors flock to hot spots like Orlando to spend their holiday break having fun in the sun. Many are coming from Europe, UK, Canada and the Northern States to escape the Winter Wonderland. Muslim families are also taking advantage of the school break to spend some quality time together and make some great memories while on vacation in the Sunshine State. Many local Muslims are also using the time off work and school to reconnect with family and friends, hanging out and eating at all the best Halal spots.

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Guru’s Stories: I want Pineapple Juice NOW

Halal Food Guru brings you another foodie adventure in this story series for your entertainment.

Let me set the stage. My wife and I were four months into our first pregnancy of our son. My wife was doing really well. No nausea, no vomiting, just super sleepy. She had developed a liking to burgers all of a sudden. That was cool with me.

One day, she approached me in the kitchen and asked…

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Guru’s TOP 5: Orlando Halal spots on a budget

Going on vacation can be very exciting, especially when you are coming to Orlando, Florida. There is so much to see and do in “the City Beautiful”. Besides the theme parks like Disney, Universal and Sea World, there are other attractions and state parks to visit. But going on vacation can be expensive! Between airfare, hotel or resort, theme park tickets and ground transportation it can really add up. On top of that, you have a family to feed and eating out every meal of every day can take a hit on the old piggy bank.

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Guru’s TOP 5: Halal & Healthy Eats in Orlando

While Orlando is well known for their Halal cheesesteaks and gyros, it’s not all about fast-food and the heartburn that follows. There is a growing trend towards healthier meal options. True, this niche is still evolving in Orlando but many Halal restaurant owners are responding to the market demands. In this list, we review the TOP 5 Halal restaurants that are providing their patrons with healthy, fresh options with ingredients and cooking techniques that cut down on those unwanted calories.

If you’re on a cheat day, not to worry, we got lots of TOP 5 Lists to help you find the best cheat day foods in Orlando. Looking for Cheesesteaks, Burgers, Chicken Wings, Cart Food and Pizza check out our respective TOP 5 Orlando Lists.

1. Melt’d Subs and Grill

Opened in early 2017, this Halal restaurant has employed the Subway model to build their brand. They provide fresh, made to order meals for customers to enjoy. They offer sandwiches, rice bowls and salads which you can customize to your heart’s desire. They also offer deli meats which isn’t very common in the Orlando area. They are located near SeaWorld and cater mostly to the lunch crowd as there are many office buildings around them. Their hours are geared more to the office crowd so be sure to check before you journey over for a fresh delicious sub. They also made our list of TOP 5 spots around Universal Studios in Orlando.

Melt'd Food Station
Fresh Ingredients from Melt’d in Orlando. A Halal Version of Subway

2. Cozee Cafe

Located in a large entertainment complex with many restaurants, dessert shops and a movie theater, Cozee Café has been an anchor to the Lake Mary Muslim community for quality halal eats. They offer trendy meals with excellent attention to detail and customer service. With healthier foods being more trendy, they have adopted their menu and meal offerings. Avocado, asiago, chickpeas and grilled chicken, yep they got it. They have a large outdoor seating area which is great to take advantage of the warm Florida sun.

Cozee Cafe outdoor seating
Plenty of outdoor seating at Cozee Café to soak up the Florida Sun

3. Paramount

Located right beside Cozee Café, Paramount Fine Foods, a Halal franchise well known to Canadians, offering Mediterranean cuisine. Given the nature of the ingredients and grilling technique for meats, the Mediterranean diet is considered a healthier option. They offer sandwiches, rice platters and salads to suit your needs. The location has a small dine in area. Their main franchise near the Orlando Eye was rebranded to Sofra: Mediterranean Grill. They also made our TOP 5 List of Halal Mediterranean Spots in Orlando.

Paramount Fine Foods Lake Mary
Interior of Paramount Fine Foods in Lake Mary. Nice décor and themes.

4. B and B Express

This Halal fast-food joint is an unlike candidate on this list, but it’s the way they prepare their burgers and fries which have earned them a spot on the list. They don’t grill and fry their burger and fries in the typical manner. Rather, they air fry it which uses less oils and captures less fat. Hence, while you are still eating a burger and fries, it’s slightly healthier. They are located in front of a mosque near Disney and are open late, making it a convenient spot for a quick bite to eat.

5. Jerusalem

This Middle-Eastern restaurant with a primarily grilled menu is sure to satisfy the health conscious consumer and delight the taste buds. Located near the entrance of Disney, this family owned Halal restaurant is open late on most nights so families can enjoy the day at the theme park and then have a nice formal dining experience to cap off the night. The family also owns Flame Kabob, located on SandLake Road near Universal Studios and International Drive. The internal décor takes you away to the sands of the Sahara with their North-African theme. The value for the experience and food portions balance out the higher price point given the tourist location.

Jerusalem Mixed Grill Platter
Mixed Grill Platter with Salad and Rice from Jerusalem

While I’m definitely not a calorie counter, I see the shift towards healthier options and meal choices. Even on vacation, many families are opting to pick healthier and more wholesome choices for their families. The Halal restaurants in Orlando are taking note of this trend and are adapting.

Know of any other Halal spots in Orlando that didn’t make the list, let me know in the comment section below. Feel free to share this post with anyone that may benefit. As always follow us on Twitter and Instagram as we chart out the Halal food scene in Florida and beyond.