At HalalFoodGuru.com, our team consists of well-intentioned Muslims who are passionate about food and the dining experience at Halal establishments whether at home locally or while traveling abroad. We know how difficult and time-consuming it is to find and decide which Halal restaurants to visit, especially if you’re new to the city you’re visiting.

We want to help make that process easy by being a reference guide for locals and visitors alike.  We want you to have access to high quality, in-depth reviews of the best Halal spots in that area to maximize your Halal dining experience.

We enjoy sharing our views and want to promote Halal businesses around town. When they succeed, our community succeeds. Our objective is to shine a spotlight on those restaurants that serve their patrons, not only by providing Halal meats but also by going above and beyond to provide a quality product and experience. By reviewing them we draw attention to their strengths and allow them to grow stronger and better. Any shortcomings we identify are opportunities to grow and be better. The restaurant industry is a service industry and standards are always evolving and it is important for Halal restaurants to keep up with and beat the curve.

We also understand that sometimes our experience is not representative of the overall experience and work to address those variances by visiting sites multiple times, ordering an array of options on the menu, engaging with other including owners/staff/patrons listening to their views and experience while formulating our reviews.

While we make reasonable efforts to inquire about the Halal offerings at restaurants we do not make a point to investigate meat sourcing or preparation process. Ultimately this responsibility lies with the restaurant owners.  Also, we don’t give advice about what Halal is or isn’t. This is ultimately the responsibility of the scholars.  If a restaurant provides reasonable assurance/evidence they source from Halal sources, we consider this sufficient. If they claim to serve Halal meats but also provide haram products or services, we do not consider this to be sufficient to meet their claims.

All of the content in this website is opinion and should not be taken as professional or authoritative. Ultimately the responsibility lies with you over what you take away from visiting this site. We have done our best to deem what we consume and promote to be Halal. However, at any given time, this may change without us being aware — so please always make sure to do your own investigating.

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