Guru’s Rapid Review: Friendly’s Pizza, Sanford, Orlando Fl

This family owned New York style pizzeria recently opened in mid-2018, providing Halal Italian American classics to the Sanford and Lake Mary community, just north of Orlando. Despite their new entry to the Orlando Halal scene they are creating some buzz around their restaurant with great deals. Their lunch special of 2 large cheese slices and a can of soda for under $4 is really drawing in the crowds.

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Guru’s Travel Log: Al’s Pizzeria and Grill, Richmond Hill, Toronto, Canada

Located in Richmond Hill, a northern suburb of Toronto, Al’s Pizzeria and Grill has opened recently offering an array of specialty Pizzas and fast food options. They have made a big impact on the local Muslims by offering quality pizza at an affordable price. Furthermore, they stress the importance of using quality ingredients and Halal meats in their dishes. The best part of the restaurant is their big bold cartoon Beaver in a Canadian T-Shirt. You know this place is good if a Canadian Beaver is endorsing it.

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Guru’s Rapid Review: B & B Express, Orlando, Fl

The newest fast-food hot spot to hit the Orlando Halal food scene is Burgers and Biryani Express (B&B Express) in Kissimmee. They have been open for about 6 months and are enjoying success by offering a menu that combines the best cuisine and inspiration of both the East and West.

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Guru’s Top 5: Best Halal Chicken Wings in Orlando

The Wing Craze looks like it is here to stay. They are a great comfort food for friends and family to bond over. Some like their wings spicy, some like it tangy, some like it sweet. The list below details some of the best spots to go for Halal Chicken Wings in Orlando.

Looking for other comfort foods while in Orlando to go along with your wings, Check out our TOP 5: Best Halal Burgers in Orlando, or our TOP 5: Best Halal Pizza Spots in Orlando, or our TOP 5: Best Philly Cheesesteak in Orlando if that’s what you’re in the mood for.

1. O’Town Burger N Wings

While primarily known for their burgers, their chicken wings are awesome. The wings are grilled over an open flame and have a crispy exterior, but the meat on the bone is soft and tender. The key to their enjoyment is the variety of sauces available. They have sauces ranging from mild to very spicy which accentuates the taste and flavor profile. The wings are reasonably priced and available in various quantities. The restaurant is located in Metrowest area which is about 20 to 30 minute drive from the main tourist hub area of Universal and Disney. Well worth the drive.

Otown wings
Wings from O’Town Burger and Wings. They have lots of sauces to choose from.

2. Halal Food Express

Conveniently located on International drive for visitors to the Orlando theme park area, this Halal fast-food restaurant offers an array of American and Middle-Eastern classics. Wings are made to order and available at various quantities. Considering the location is in a tourist area, there is a higher price point for your orders. There is limited parking in front of the shop but public parking lots are not too far from the location. There is a large painted mural of the 3 Holy sites of Islam to admire while you wait for your order.

Halal chicken wings Halal Food Express
Halal chicken wings Halal Food Express

3. Kennedy Chicken and Grill

Looking for southern style cuisine then this is the spot for you. The wings are deep fried with a breaded crunchy crust. They also offer wings without the breaded crust. On the side you can ask for hot sauce, ranch, white sauce or bbq sauce. Located in Metrowest it is about 20 to 30 minutes away from the theme park hub. One key feature is that the restaurant is open late on most nights, and in fact made it on our TOP 5 List of late night Halal eats.

Kennedy Chicken and Grill
Deep Fried Chicken wings. There is nothing better…maybe adding a biscuit and fries makes it better

4. Slims PhillySteak and Gyro

Located near Disney, this halal fast food spot has been an anchor for locals and visitors. They are often open till midnight and beyond. They offer fried wings in various quantities. Your sauce choices are limited to hot or buffalo. It recently went through an ownership change and the food consistency and customer service has dramatically improved. The physical space has also gone through some much needed renovations to make the space more appealing.

Halal Wings from Slim's Philly and Gyro
With wings comes HOT SAUCE!!

5. Loop Gyros

Located on the south east corner of the city, Loop Gyro is an excellent space to visit if you’re in the mood for a late night craving as they are open past midnight on most nights. Their wings are a popular menu item and the sauce can be very spicy. The spot is located in a large shopping complex, so use BJ Wholesale Club or Lowes as a landmark to find the restaurant. Some of the most direct routes to the area require Toll Roads so be sure to check with your GPS before you begin your journey if you are traveling from the center of the city. They are also on our TOP 5: Late night Halal eats in Orlando.

Halal Wings are an awesome snack food to have when watching a big game or relaxing with friends. Thankfully there are many spots in Orlando to choose from. This list will get you started. Know of a place that’s not on the list, let us know in the comment section below. For more Halal Food goodness, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.