Guru’s TOP 5: Halal Spots around Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida

Universal Studios in Orlando is a magnet for roller coaster enthusiasts looking for thrills and speed. But working up a healthy appetite after a long day at the attractions, what’s a hungry Muggle looking for Halal eats supposed to do? (see what I did there, Harry Potter Reference). Finding the best Halal restaurants around the theme park can be time consuming. But don’t worry, Halal Food Guru has you covered.

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Guru’s Rapid Review: Alex’s Philly CheeseSteak and Gyro, Orlando, FL

Alex’s has been a household name amongst Orlando natives as the spot to go for Halal Philly Cheese Steaks. They have been serving up freshly made to order sandwiches since the late 1990s. Due to construction and road expansion, they had to move from their old location to their new location near the intersection of Colonial and Goldenrod in about 2012.

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Guru’s Recipe : Chocolate Chip Scones

Perfect Breakfast Scones: Chocolate Chip Scones

This British slight sweet pastry is a staple around tea time. It has been adapted in North America as a specialty dessert. Today we offer for a variation on the classic scone to be served for breakfast. You can sit around the table with your family and engage in a heated debate as to the correct pronunciation of Scone.

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Guru’s Rapid Review: Jerusalem Restaurant, Kissimmee, Orlando, FL

Located near Disney, this family owned Halal Middle-Eastern Restaurant has been serving locals and visitors for well over a decade. This restaurant offers a much more formal dining experience compared to other Halal restaurants in the area. A nice feature is that it often open late till around 11pm on most nights, so you can enjoy the day at the theme parks and go out for a nice dinner to cap of the evening.

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GURU’S Rapid Review: Loop Gyros, Kissimmee, Orlando, Fl

Located in the southeast corner of the greater Orlando area about 20-30 minutes away from the theme parks, Loop Gyros is a great Halal fast-food spot to hit up, especially late as they are open till midnight if not later. They have 2 locations in Kissimmee and we visited their newer location next to the large shopping complex called “The Loop”.

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