TOP 5 Halal Restaurants on International Drive, Orlando

International Drive, or as many know it I-Drive, is a stretch of shops, restaurants, hotels, and entertainment centers bundled together on one street located in Orlando. The Orlando Convention Center, Orlando Eye, Ripley’s Aquarium, House of Wonders and Premium Outlet Mall amongst others large attractions are within striking range. It is in close proximity to Universal Studios and Sea World as well as the Orlando International Airport. At night, the buzz of laughter and neon lights gives the area a sense of life.

Thankfully, there are several Halal restaurants scattered along I-Drive for families to conveniently dine at. Of course being a tourist area, dining can be on the more expensive side. However there is added value for the convenience especially for those visitors without access to cars or time to venture further in to other areas of Orlando.

This list will provide you with the necessary information to keep you close to I-Drive. Of note, there are several halal restaurants on I-Drive that also serve alcohol, but have been excluded from this list as they conflicts with our stated policy. However, if you do have a car and the time to venture out of the attraction hub, there are other good halal options around town. So be sure to check out other TOP 5 list on our site for details.

1. Sizler Tandoori.

This Halal Indian restaurant has been located on I-Drive for over a decade and has served up many great desi dishes. It has gone through a few management changes over the past several years creating some inconsistencies in quality and service. However, it has been getting good feedback from patrons over the last little bit of time. Located in the heart of I-Drive amongst many other indopakistani restaurants, Sizler continues to be the only full Halal restaurant that doesn’t serve alcohol. The parking space is limited especially when visiting at a busy time like weekends or evenings. Dishes can be on the more pricey range given the prime location, but the grill items are well worth it. Also they have a Sunday Buffet. Remember to type in “sizler” with only one “z” otherwise you’ll end up down the street at the steakhouse (which isn’t halal)

2. Halal Food Express.

This Halal fast food spot is a welcome retreat for those on I-Drive looking for a quick bite to eat. They offer a range of Middle-Eastern sandwiches and dishes as well as the typical American classics. They also offer Pizza which is a nice feature. They made our Top 5 Halal Pizza spots in Orlando. Again, parking is limited and pricing is at a premium due to the tourist location. The large mural on the wall of the 3 holy sites of Islam is a nice to look at while your food is being prepared.

3. Merguez.

This Moroccan oasis is located further south on I-Drive near the hotels and short-term housing complexes. It is also close to the southern Premium Outlet Mall, which in Mrs Halal Food Guru’s opinion is the better one compared to the northern one. They offer traditional North African dishes as well as specialty coffee and tea. They have a large covered outdoor seating area which is very well set up. It is tucked away in a plaza that is not too busy creating a calm relaxing environment where you can sip your tea or coffee enjoying the warm Florida weather. There is abundant parking in the common area of the plaza.

4. The Mexican Camel.

This is the newest restaurant to hit the Halal Food Scene on I-Drive. They have fused two distinct food cultures, Mexican and Middle-Eastern. On paper it sounds odd, but it actually blends nicely in some of the dishes. They use the same counter service model of Chipotle so it simplifies the ordering process but still allows for creative combinations. The board above the counter guides you through the ordering process – base, protein, toppings and checkout. They offer healthy options with fresh ingredients to build complex salads. They also offer burritos and tacos that you can fill with traditional Mexican or Middle-Eastern meats and toppings. The restaurant is located at the corner of I-Drive and Kirkman, but is not visible from the street. Look for the Boot Barn plaza and drive around to the back side of the plaza where they are located. There is ample free parking.

5. Zaman Cuisine.

This Middle-Eastern restaurant opened in early 2019 and has created a lot of buzz around the Halal food scene in Orlando. After a great opening, they struggled a little with food consistency, but as of late 2019 it is under new management. The new owners arrived from Detroit with ample experience running a Halal Middle-Eastern restaurant. They have updated the menu to reflect their culinary strengths and I had a chance to dine there recently and the food was very good. The mixed grill platter is a great choice for parties of 4-6. It is located in a small strip mall so it is not easily visible from I-Drive. It is located in the same plaza as Sushiology and Zaman Hookah Lounge (separate business). Another nice feature is that it is open late and there is free parking.

I-Drive attracts many visitors and locals alike and is a great way to spend an off day without going to the theme parks. There are so many things to see and do, so when you get hungry it’s nice to know there are several Halal options along the way. Remember, that while Paramount Fine Foods had a location near the Orlando eye, it has since closed.

Looking for other Halal options in the Orlando area? Let me be your guide to the Orlando Halal Food Scene. Follow me on Twitter or Instagram as I highlight the best Halal restaurants that Orlando and other great cities in Florida has to offer. Also, don’t forget to share this post with friends and family that may be traveling to Orlando or Florida. Also sign up with our email list as we explore the Halal Food Scene.

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