Guru’s Review: New York Deli and Pizza, Temple Terrace, Tampa Bay, Florida

Temple Terrace, an area just north of Tampa Bay, is known for many Halal options. In that area sits New York Deli. It is a family owned fast-food spot that serves up the typical American fast food classics, like pizza, burgers and fried chicken. It’s located near several mosques and Islamic schools making it a convenient stop for locals looking for a quick bite to eat. It is located a little bit away from the central core of Halal restaurants in Temple Terrace.


The menu consists primarily of sandwiches and pizza options as it is a typical fast food spot. Orders are made fresh and are best enjoyed quickly before they get cold. They have some interesting combination including the halal pepperoni steak phillysteak sandwich and the buffalo chicken phillysteak sandwich. The pizza and Stromboli come out from the oven hot and fresh making it truly enjoyable.

Huge Calzone filled with cheezy cheese and Halal Pepperoni


As a family owned restaurant, the service is very good. The brother who owns the restaurant greets you as you enter and is easily engaged in casual conversation. As an aside, he correctly guessed the gender of our first born when my wife was still pregnant before we knew the gender. He says he as a talent for it and has correctly guess 97% of all pregnancies including all 5 of his children. Speaking about my wife’s pregnancy, she really had some crazy cravings. Want to know, just how crazy it was, check out the story here.

counter of New York Deli
This is where we found out we were having a son. The owner predicted his gender at this very counter


This spot isn’t located in the best part of town. It’s what we in the States call a “shady area”. There isn’t a lot of glitz and glamour in this residential area and it’s probably best to visit this spot during the day. It wouldn’t be my first choice for areas to visit unless you are familiar with the area. There is ample parking spaces in front of the shop which is part of a small strip plaza. You can watch your car from the main entrance window to make sure it’s still there while you wait for your meal.


The restaurant has a small footprint and has two table for dining in, which are not all that comfortable. Given the location of this spot, it’s best as a takeout location.

Dine In Options
If you must, you can Dine-In.


Given the location and menu selection, this Halal fast food spot offers great deals and value. The prices are very reasonable for a family owned business in a competitive market. You can easily feed a typical family of 4 for under $20 USD.


If it’s fast food you are looking for, then that is what you will get if you come here. While the geographical area doesn’t promote a sense of safety, when you enter the restaurant, the owner greets you with a comfortable smile and casual conversation. This is mostly a takeout location so you’ll enjoy the food in the comfort of your car or at home. They offer great value with reasonable pricing and portions. If you are in the area and hungry, then stopping at this spot is a viable option.

Food Category: American Fast Food

Guru’s Rapid Review: 2.5 of 5 Stars

Must Try: Pepperoni phillysteak

Address: 5008 East Sligh Avenue, Tampa, FL 33617

Phone: (813) 985-1122

Website: none

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