The Best Valentine’s Day Guide for Halal Restaurants in Orlando 2019

Do you smell that? It’s the smell of love the air. Valentine’s Day is coming up. It’s the day that every husband grumbles under their breath about how commercial the holiday has become while they wait in line to buy overpriced Red Roses at the grocery store because they forgot about it until they saw one of their co-workers receive a delivered arrangement at work.

Don’t be that husband. Elevate your game. Buy the flowers and then read this post about where to bring your special wife for a wonderful dining experience to seal the deal.

If you are planning a romantic dinner, but don’t have a spouse yet, Astaghfirullah! Put a ring on it and then come back to this list.


So for this TOP 5 list, I’m bringing you the Top 5 Halal Restaurants in Orlando that are going to bring you the best dining experience to impress your wife. Also, we just completed our TOP 5 List of TOP5 Lists for Orlando if you need further inspiration. In this list, I really wanted to focus on Halal restaurants that have a certain atmosphere, attention to customer service or excellent menu selection to help make that dining experience all the more special. Also, we did not include restaurants that serve Halal meat, but also serve non-Halal items such as alcohol or pork products as not in line with our mission statement.

1. Cozee Café

This trendy Halal café is an excellent choice for a casual dining experience. The soft and relaxing ambiance will invite you to reminisce with your spouse about past adventures or misadventures, like the time you took your wife to New York City to try The Halal Guys, but things went horribly wrong. The food and service demonstrate a high level of attention to detail which make you feel welcome and cared for. The menu consists mostly of American classics with an Indian and East-African twist. They have made our list of TOP 5 Halal Burger Spots in Orlando When you’re your done with dinner, don’t forget to indulge on some of their excellent desserts and specialty drinks and coffees. For sure you’ll want to try the Ferrero Rocher Milkshake. If your wife starts to complain about calories, just look deep into her eyes and tell her “Honey, I love you no matter what the scale says”, it’s sure to be a winning line.

Ferrero Rocher Milkshake
His and Her matching Milkshakes from Cozee Cafe

2. Flame Kabob

Located on “Restaurants Row” off Sandlake Road near Universal (on our list of TOP 5 Halal spots Near Universal), this family owned Halal Middle-Eastern restaurant has a focused menu that is sure to impress. The dish presentation and high level of customer attention make this a great spot. The grilled meats have that great charcoal taste but at the same time are a healthier option compared to fried foods thus saving you some calories for dessert. If the weather permits, they have an outdoor covered patio which is also a nice touch.

Bonus Points: there is an authentic gelato spot in the same plaza called La Carraia Gelato which is a nice place to go afterwards for cool, refreshing way to end the meal.

3. Jerusalem

If you’re looking for a more formal dining experience, then Jerusalem is the spot to go. Located outside of Disney, this Halal Middle-Eastern restaurant offers an extensive menu with beautifully presented dishes to make any special day that much more memorable. They have made our list of TOP 5 Halal Mediterranean Restaurants in Orlando. Walking into the restaurant you will feel like you have being transported to a desert Oasis in North Africa with the sand colored tones and dim lighting. The mixed combo platter is a definite must try and contains a skewer of kabob, kafta and shish tawook which can be split between two people. Romantic and cost-effective – every husband’s dream.


Kabab Combination Platter from Jerusalem Restaurant
Kabob Combo Platter from Jerusalem Restaurant in Kissimmee Fl

4. Sizler Tandoori

This Halal Indian restaurant has been around on International Drive (I-Drive) for the better part of a decade. It has undergone several management changes and suffered from quality control issues for some period of time. However, the recent changes have rejuvenated the spot making more welcoming. The renovation has created additional dining area space so guests can enjoy their meals without having to ease drop on the conversation at the next table. The menu has all the desi classics but also has some interestingly creative dishes. The “Sizler Specials” is where I would focus my attention on. The food is served on a cast-iron plate and comes out sizzling and smoking for added dramatic effect. Don’t worry the food isn’t super spicy so you won’t experience heartburn, unless you forgot your wallet and make your wife pay.

Fun Fact: there is a tattoo parlor next door in case you wanted to get matching tattoo.

5. Zaman Cuisine

This is the newest Halal restaurant to hit the Orlando Halal food scene. It just opened up in 2019, but is creating a lot of buzz. The menu consists primarily of Middle-Eastern items with a Turkish spin. Everything is made fresh by the head chef/owner and tastes delicious! Definitely recommend the grilled platter with a side of hummus. While the space is small, it is decorated in a very contemporary fashion making it very appealing to the younger crowd. It may be a little difficult to get there as there is no sign above the restaurant yet and it is not visible from the main road (I-Drive). However, if you google it, it does show up on the maps making it easy to reach by GPS. Look for the plaza with Sushiology and the Zaman Hookah Lounge (no relationship) to confirm you’re in the right plaza.

Finding a Halal spot that you can enjoy as a couple can be challenging, but hopefully this list helps you with that dilemma. Don’t forget, it’s not about what you do, but rather how you do it.

Husbands, if you like this list and found it helpful, let me know in the comments below. Wives, if you know that your husband needs a little help, share this list with him and thank me later. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram as we chart the Halal Food Scene across Orlando, Tampa Bay, Miami, Jacksonville and other great cities in Florida and North America.

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