Guru’s TOP 5: Most Popular TOP 5 Lists on Halal Food Guru

February will mark the 2 year anniversary of Halal Food Guru. Our goal when we first started posting was to make it easier for travelers to find and enjoy Halal restaurants in Florida. We wrote detailed reviews of these Halal restaurants so visitors would know what to expect and gain some local insight about the spots to make the most of their experience. We introduced TOP 5 Lists to make it easier to find what you crave, which was well received. Over the past 2 years, we’ve written over 50 posts about Halal restaurants in Orlando, Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Miami and other great cities across North America. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

We are thankful for all the support that you have shown us as we grow. We appreciate everyone who follows our website and/or social media pages including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It means a lot to us when you take the time to like and share our content.

Understand that this is a passion project as outlined in our About Page. We really want you to enjoy your trip to the Sunshine state and food is a big part of that. By highlighting Halal restaurants in the area, you can get more out of your day and vacation stay.

For this post, we would like to highlight some of our favorite TOP 5 lists from around Orlando. These are by far the most popular posts. In these TOP 5 posts, we pick a food category and find the 5 best Halal spots in the city that offer it up.

TOP 5: Best Halal Burgers in Orlando

Clearly this is the most viewed page on our site. I guess there are a lot of burger fans out there. We haven’t put together a Hamberder list yet (if you didn’t get that reference, may Allah bless your innocent soul)

TOP 5: Best Halal Philly Cheesesteaks in Orlando

We don’t know where the obsession with cheesesteaks in Orlando came from, but almost every Halal Fast Food spot offers their interpretation. And some are definitely to die for.

alex philly cheesesteak
You know a philly cheesesteak is good when you need to hands to hold it

TOP 5: Halal Spots around Universal Studios

This was one of our first TOP 5 lists and continues to get a lot of attention. It’s great to help plan your meals when you visit the theme park. Let me know if you want us to do other TOP 5 lists around other landmarks.

TOP 5: Best Halal Cart Food Spots around Orlando

The New York street food dish made a big splash in Orlando in recent years and has become a staple in the Halal Fast Food scene around town. It’s created a lot of White Sauce addicts!

Mixed platter Halal Cart food from The Halal Guys
Mixed (Chicken & Gyro) platter from The Halal Guys with the mandatory White Sauce

TOP 5: Halal Late Night Eats in Orlando

There is lots to do in Orlando during the day, but once the sun goes down the tummy can grumble. Thankfully there are several Halal spots open late so you can eat great.

Another fan favorite are the Guru’s Stories. In these stories we recount some of our foodie adventures which had an interesting or unexpected twist. A lot of our followers really got a kick out of our storytelling. So below is a link to the stories we have posted so far.

  1. First time visiting Halal Guys in New York City. When you are on the hunt for the Original Halal Guys Street Cart on the streets of New York City, anything can and will happen.

    The Halal Guys Street Cart in New York
    The 3 man crew working the Street Cart at The Halal Guys in New York City
  2. I want Pineapple Juice NOW. Pregnancy can be tough and chaotic. But Pregnancy Cravings can really throw a monkey wrench into the mix.

Again, thank you so much for your support and encouragement. We couldn’t grow to this point without you. We look forward to continuing to provide you with in-depth, honest reviews of Halal restaurants across the state. Please continue to like and share our posts with your family and friends, especially if they are planning a trip to Florida.

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