Guru’s TOP 5: Halal Restaurants to visit over the Holiday Season

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! It’s no secret that Christmas cheer is spreading around Florida (despite the fact that there is no snow). Visitors flock to hot spots like Orlando to spend their holiday break having fun in the sun. Many are coming from Europe, UK, Canada and the Northern States to escape the Winter Wonderland. Muslim families are also taking advantage of the school break to spend some quality time together and make some great memories while on vacation in the Sunshine State. Many local Muslims are also using the time off work and school to reconnect with family and friends, hanging out and eating at all the best Halal spots.

So this list compiles some of the best Halal spots around Orlando to sit down and enjoy a quality meal together to celebrate the season. After all, tis the season to be jolly!

1. Flame Kabob

Located near the heart of Orlando, in the tourist hub for trendy restaurants, this family owned restaurant makes the list of spots to visit. The quiet and calm atmosphere and excellent service is great for family and friends looking to relax and unwind. They offer both indoor and covered outdoor seating. They are competitively priced for the area and provide overall good value for the portions of their meals. Definitely recommend the Shish Tawook as a pita wrapped sandwich (it made our TOP 5 List for Chicken Sandwiches in Orlando, too) or as a platter served on a bed of rice and salad. If you’re in to mood for other Mediterranean Halal spots, check out our TOP 5 list of Halal Mediterranean Restaurants in Orlando.

Flame Kabob Outdoor
Flame Kabob Outdoor Patio

2. Cozee Café

Located on the Northern end of the city in Sanford/Lake Mary area, Cozee Café is the perfect spot to let off some steam during the holiday season. They have many specialty coffees and teas that are sure to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Their indoor and outdoor seating areas are perfect for gathering with friends and family in relaxed environment. The menu is very trendy and is continuously evolving to match the latest trends. Are they still serving Avocado Toast? The food consists primarily of American classics with Indian and East African influences. They have made several of our TOP 5 lists, including best Halal Burger and best Halal restaurants in Orlando. During this holiday season, don’t worry about calories; I hear they reset in the New Year. So definitely try their Nutella or Ferrero Roche Milkshake.

Nutella French Toast from Cozee Cafe
Wake up to the holiday season with some Nutella French Toast from Cozee Cafe

3. Chaat House

This large Halal restaurant located away from the glitz and glamour of the theme parks provides a great choice for large families looking to dine in. With their family size servings, you can mix and match dishes off their extensive menu so everyone has something to enjoy. The menu spans dishes from many cooking traditions including Indian, Chinese, American, and Italian to name a few. While the menu can be overwhelming, the service doesn’t, especially when they are busy. There is ample parking in front. Some of the popular items on the menu include their Chinese dishes and the Tandoori Pizza, making our list of TOP 5: Halal Pizza Spots in Orlando. With their large portions and variety, they are sure to be friendly on the budget and have made our TOP 5 Halal spots to visit on a Budget. Be sure to leave some room for dessert as the shop next door, which they also own, has an assortment of rolled ice cream and different bubble teas to delight the palate.

Chaat House Orlando
Tandoori Chicken Pizza from Chaat House


4. Charcoal Zyka

This family owned Halal restaurant is well known for their consistent food quality and service. Close to International Drive (I-Drive) and just off the Interstate 528 off ramp, it is easily accessible from all over the city. It’s on our list of TOP 5 Halal spots near Universal Studios. There is a sharp divide in the menu in which half the menu is classical Indian dishes and the other half is barbeque or grilled items. This odd dichotomy actually works out well for large families coming to dine at the restaurant. They cater to groups where some may want the traditional curry dishes and others may desire grilled meats. Another feature is that portions are usually large enough to share amongst the group. The dining area can accommodate large dining parties and the service is consistently courteous. One key favorite amongst the locals is the rotisserie style Portuguese Chicken with hot sauce.

Charcoal Zyka Chicken and Fries
Halal Portuguese Chicken and Fries from Charcoal Zyka

5. Friendly’s New York Pizza

This is the newest Halal restaurant to open in the Orlando area. It is located in Sanford, well away from all the tourist attractions. However, it is located close to arguable the most beautiful mosque in America, Masjid Al-Hayy (definitely worth a visit if you are visiting Orlando). This family owned establishment prides itself on meals that offer great value and taste. There is ample sitting in the dining area so you can be ready to pounce on that hot fresh pizza when it comes straight out of the oven. Their portions are meant for family sharing and so it’s a great spot to gather for a meal. The owner is always behind the counter with a smile as he watches patrons enjoy his food.

large pizza with buffalo chicken
Large New York Style Pizza with buffalo chicken from Friendly’s Pizza

The holiday season can become very busy with all the activity planning and coordination. So it’s nice to have a quick list to refer to for halal dining spots that takes the stress out of meal planning. Have questions about the Halal food scene, feel free to drop me a line on Twitter or Instagram. Share this page with others who you think may benefit from it.

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