Guru’s TOP 5: Orlando Halal spots on a budget

Going on vacation can be very exciting, especially when you are coming to Orlando, Florida. There is so much to see and do in “the City Beautiful”. Besides the theme parks like Disney, Universal and Sea World, there are other attractions and state parks to visit. But going on vacation can be expensive! Between airfare, hotel or resort, theme park tickets and ground transportation it can really add up. On top of that, you have a family to feed and eating out every meal of every day can take a hit on the old piggy bank.

Findings spots where you can feed the family without breaking the budget can be a real plus. As a Muslim family on a budget, when meal options are already limited, its especially nice to find Halal spots that are affordable and convenient to access. This list is compiled to provide you with some Halal spots around Orlando that can help families eat great without breaking the bank. When considering this list, we look at the menu, prices and value overall with the typical vacationing family in mind.

1. Slim’s Orlando PhillySteak and Gyro

Just north of Disney, close to Disney Springs, this Halal fast-food restaurant has been around for the better part of a decade. Many locals and visitors appreciate that this location is open late on most nights. It makes it easy to spend the full day at the Disney Resorts and then go out for a late night meal. It’s a typical fast-food spot with a Middle-Eastern flair. You’ll get great value for a Halal burger and fries for under $6. One of the most popular items is the Philly Cheese steak and it made our list of TOP 5 Halal Philly Cheese Steaks in Orlando. While it is mostly a takeout spot, the new owner has renovated the seating area to make it more vibrant and welcoming for those dining in.

Slim's Orlando PhillySteak and Gyro
Store front at Slim’s with all the combo meals above for easy ordering.

2. Kennedy Chicken and Grill

Located about 20 minutes away from the theme park district, Kennedy Chicken and Grill is on this list for their consistent food and great value. They offer typical southern fried chicken, burgers, and other American Classic dishes. Their wings and sandwiches have that typical crispy fried breaded crust, earning them a spot on our TOP 5 Best Halal Chicken Wings in Orlando. A nice feature is that their combo meals create additional value for larger families. They are also open late on most nights so you can enjoy the day at the theme parks and not worry about feeling rushed . The staff is very friendly and accommodating.

3. Loop Gyros

A classic Halal fast-food spot located at the South Eastern corner of Orlando, Loop Gyros has been solving late night cravings for years. They are open late most nights and made our list of TOP 5 spots to Eat Halal Late in Orlando. They offer classic American burgers, wings and cheesesteaks. The also offer classic Middle-Eastern items like gyros and hummus. The food is good and well-priced making a it viable destination for those in the area. There is also a large shopping complex around the restaurant called “The Loop”, so you can shop and eat in one spot. However, if you’re located closer to the theme parks, be careful how your GPS takes you because most of the paths involve toll roads.

loop gyro van special
Loop Gyromobile for all your halal fast food needs

4. Chaat House

Located away from the glitz and glamour of the theme park district, Chaat house offers great variety and value for families visiting Orlando. According to their website, their goal is provide customers with “lots of unique dishes under one roof. You can find it all.” Indian, Chinese, American, Middle-Eastern, Italian cuisine all in one spot. Everyone is sure to find something with their expansive menu. There is ample seating ideal for large to dine in. Portions are large and meant for sharing amongst family members. The Pizza (especially the butter chicken pizza) and Chinese menu are especially popular amongst patrons and they made our TOP 5 List of Halal Pizza spots in Orlando. Prices are very reasonable for the portions they provide.

Chaat House Orlando
Butter Chicken Pizza from Chaat House

5. Tenders UCF

While not located close to the theme park district, Tenders UCF is a clear choice for value. Catering primarily to hungry college students they understand that pricing and value are a priority. To create additional value, they have combo meals and offer special deals for followers on their social media pages. The menu consists primarily of fried chicken, French fries, cheese and bread combined in various ways to create interesting meal options. The space, located just outside the University of Central Florida campus has ample parking and dine-in space. The theme and décor create a sense of school spirit with the black and gold color scheme and large mural dedicated to past college sport victories.

Tenders UCF food
Wings, grilled chicken sub and a cheesy chicken fries melt from Tenders UCF

Eat out while on vacation can be fun but can also be expensive. In the past few years, the Halal options in Orlando have greatly expanded, much to the delight of locals and visitors. So it’s nice to see a spectrum of Halal spots that cater to all budgets. Planning your next trip to Orlando and have questions about the Halal food scene, feel free to drop me a line on Twitter or Instagram. Share this page with others who you think may benefit from it.

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