Guru’s Top 5 List: Best Halal Philly CheeseSteak in Orlando

While the Philly cheesesteak has its origins in Philadelphia, it has been an anchor of the Halal fast-food scene in Orlando and Central Florida for decades. Almost every Halal fast-food restaurant has their version on the menu. With cheese, flat-top grilled slices of steak (or gyro) mixed with onions and peppers all wrapped in a bun, how can you go wrong?

Clearly it’s a popular comfort food for locals and travelers alike. But if a Philly cheesesteak isn’t your comfort food choice, check out our TOP 5 lists for Best Halal Burger, Best Halal Chicken Wings, Best Halal Pizza Spots and Best Halal Chicken Sandwich in Orlando to suit your needs.

1. Alex’s Cheesesteak and Gyro

Located in East Orlando, this spot was also known as Alex’s long ago in the late 90s. The original location closed down because of city road construction and expansion (making way for a new overpass). They reopened in 2012 at the current location. Alex’s is famous for his Philly cheesesteak and this is the spot to hit if you’re looking for the most authentic, best tasting one. The meat is cooked on a flat top grill and sautéed with an assortment of veggies and then loaded into a bun and smothered in canned cheese sauce. While canned cheese doesn’t sound appealing, it is more authentic to the American classic and really does take the sandwich to a new level. Try it before you judge it.

Alex's Philly Cheesesteak
This Cheesesteak means business. with fries, you’ll need an uber to take you home cause you’ll be too sleepy to drive after.

2. Slim’s Orlando Philly Steak and Gyro

Located near Disney, this Halal fast-food restaurant has been around for the better part of a decade. Many locals and visitors appreciate that this location is open late on most nights. In fact it made our list of TOP 5: Late Night Eats in Orlando. While the quality of food and service was deteriorating for a few years, it recently changed ownership. The food quality has since improved and there is a renewed passion for service amongst the staff members. The Philly cheesesteak is one of the better items on the menu and is made in the traditional manner with thin beef steak strips cut into smaller bits on the grill and cheese laid over top before being sandwiched in the hoagie roll.

Slim's Orlando Philly Cheesesteak and Gyro exteroir
With a giant sign saying PHILLYSTEAK, I’m sure it will be hard to miss.

3. Loop Gyros

Located in the Southeast corner of Orlando, Loop Gyro is a great spot for American fast food items like Philly cheesesteaks. They have 2 locations, and their newer location is in the large shopping and entertainment district referred to as “The Loop”, so it is ideal for those needing to refuel after spending the day shopping. The meat is mainly thin slices of gyro, but the combination with a generous coating of cheese makes it very filling. A nice feature is that they are open late on most nights.

loop Gyros menu
Philly, Burger and wings, the classic trio

4. Kennedy Chicken and Grill

This one’s a little bit of a shocker but this Halal Fried Chicken Joint does make a mean Philly cheesesteak. They use gyro meat rather than steak strips, but it is definitely a greasy, cheesy hot mess to enjoy. Furthermore, the price is very reasonable and the restaurant is open late on most nights.

Located about 20-30 minutes away from the tourist/theme park hub it can be a little bit out of the way for visitors to those areas, but worth the trip if you’re having a late night craving.

5. O’Town Burger and Wings

This Halal Burger shop has made its reputation serving up premium Halal Angus Beef charcoal grilled burgers and amazing chicken wings. They do have a decent gyro meat Philly cheesesteak if you’re in the mood for something to supplement your intake of burger and fries. They are made fresh to order, much like everything else on the menu. They have a small shop but adequate seating for parties of 4-6 and their customer service is excellent.

Halal Philly Cheesesteak
Halal Philly CheeseSteak from O’Town. A good supporting cast member to their Halal burger

You’ll definitely be a repeat customer even if you’re in town for just a short while and they have made it to our list of TOP 5: Best Halal restaurants in Orlando.

Orlando’s fascination with the fast-food classic, the Philly cheesesteak, is a mystery, but every Halal fast-food shop has their version making for a rich and diverse dining experience. Know of any other spots for great Halal Philly, let us know in the comments below. Also please share our posts with those that you think could benefit from this insider knowledge. As always follow our foodie adventures across the great state of Florida and beyond on our Twitter and Instagram channels.

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