Guru’s Travel Log: Al’s Pizzeria and Grill, Richmond Hill, Toronto, Canada

Located in Richmond Hill, a northern suburb of Toronto, Al’s Pizzeria and Grill has opened recently offering an array of specialty Pizzas and fast food options. They have made a big impact on the local Muslims by offering quality pizza at an affordable price. Furthermore, they stress the importance of using quality ingredients and Halal meats in their dishes. The best part of the restaurant is their big bold cartoon Beaver in a Canadian T-Shirt. You know this place is good if a Canadian Beaver is endorsing it.


Al’s offers an array of specialty pizza in various forms. You can have your pizza made as a pan pizza or deep dish pizza, which is very popular. They offer many Halal meat options like Halal beef bacon, peperoni and tandoori chicken. The pizza’s come out hot with a crispy crust and a healthy dose of cheese to satisfy the hungriest of pizza lovers in your family.

Als Pizzeria Halal Pizza Richmond Hill
Nice cheesy slice of pizza with Halal bacon and beef


Also on the menu are burgers and wings. The wings are deep fried so they have a nice crispy coating on the outside, but stay soft and tender on the inside. The key is the sauce coating the wings. They offer plenty of sauce options depending if you want some sweet or heat. If you’re looking for grilled meats like ribs and mishkaki, then Muchachos Grill nearby is the spot to go.

One nice feature is that the owners emphasize on quality rather than quantity. They state they source their Halal meats from grass feed animals.


Being a newly opened restaurant, service is still improving as they adjust to the high demand for their food. They are often very busy so wait times can be longer than anticipated, but the food is worth the wait. Staff is consistently courteous and attentive to customer needs. It is best to call ahead and place your order.

Als Pizzeria sandwich
Crispy Fried Chicken Sandwich with Halal bacon. Thankfully, Canada has Free Healthcare!


One of the key features the owners emphasized was affordability. The pizzas and fast food items are priced reasonable and create value for the portions. They also offer combo meals and value meals for families on a budget.


Located in a strip mall in Richmond Hill, the spot may be a little hard to find if you’re not familiar with the area. The anchor store is a large flower shop with many flowers outside on display (at least in the summer). It is located off Major Mac just south of Bathurst. There is plenty of parking.

Entering the shop, the seating area catches your attention with the bright red colour. As you approach the wall, a fun mural opens up to you. The counter to place orders is on the left side. There are several tables for seating and dining in and can accommodate parties of 4-8 comfortably.

20180620_201130 - Copy


This family owned pizzeria is a welcomed addition to the Halal Fast Food Scene in Richmond Hill. They offer a quality product at an affordable price. They are quite busy, which is a good sign and best thing to do is call ahead to see what deals they are running and also place your order ahead of time. Again, I love the Canadian Beaver Logo, I think that may have added an additional half star on my review.

Food Category: American Fast Food

Guru’s Rapid Review: 4.0 of 5 Stars

Must Try: Deep Dish Tandoori Pizza

Address:   205 Don Head Village, Unit 2, Richmond Hill, Ontario L4C 7R3

Phone:    905-737-9599


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