Guru’s TOP 5: Best Halal Mediterranean Restaurants in Orlando

There is a large Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern community in Orlando and that means there are several great halal restaurants to pick from. Considered by most as a healthy option due to the grilled meats and limited use of oils, these restaurants are sure to be on the list of those looking to pinch on the calories but not on taste.

If Middle-Eastern food isn’t on your mind, no worries we got you covered. Check out our TOP 5: Best Halal Burgers in Orlando, or our TOP 5: Best Halal Chicken Sandwich in Orlando if that more your style.

In this Top 5 list, we distinguish those Halal Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern restaurants that take the taste or experience to the next level. We have not included those restaurants that serve Halal meats and alcohol as it does not align with our criteria or mission statement.

1. Flame Kabob

Located in “Restaurants Row” off Sandlake Road, this family owned Middle-Eastern restaurant has been pleasing diners for over a decade with freshly grilled meats and savory dishes. They are very close to Universal Studios and made it on our TOP 5: Halal Restaurants around Universal. They are also very close to Sea World and the Orlando Eye making it a very appealing stop for a nice casual sit down dinner after a long day of fun in the sun. The service is good and the value for food portions is also on par with restaurants in the area. They offer both indoor and outdoor seating.

Flame Kabob Outdoor
Flame Kabob Outdoor Patio

2. Jerusalem

From the same family owners as Flame Kabob, this restaurant offers a more formal dining experience. It is located off SR-192 which is closer for those visitors to the Disney theme park. The Middle-Eastern flare and themes are very apparent in all that they do, from the décor to the service to the foods. The dishes are inspired by the traditional Middle-Eastern menu and are offered up in a more formal manner with great attention to presentation.  The service is standard for a dine-in restaurant. A nice feature is that they are open late on most nights so you can enjoy the theme parks and the head over for a relaxing family dinner after.

Kabab Combination Platter from Jerusalem Restaurant
Kabob Combination Platter from Jerusalem Restaurant in Kissimmee Fl

3. Cappadocia

Located off State Road 436, this family owned Turkish restaurant offers a unique variation on typical Mediterranean foods. The flavor profile of the freshly grilled meats and gyro are a welcomed change. The foods are presented on intricately designed dishes and the portions are generous, offering great value. The restaurant layout is a little awkward to navigate and there is limited parking in front of the restaurant, but these are quickly forgot as you examine the décor of the restaurant. Pictures of the Turkish city of Cappadocia, garments and artifacts line the walls of the restaurant to occupy your attention as you wait for your order. Definitely a good idea to try the Mixed Grill Platter, as you get to sample a little bit of everything.

4. Paramount Fine Foods

This Canadian chain expanded into Florida. While they made a big splash on the Orlando Scene, they have since had to scale back. Their remaining open location is in Lake Mary, and they have changed the model dine-in full service to a more fast-casual take out location, much like Chipotle. The food is freshly grilled and prepared in front of you. It is a great spot for lunch and dinner. While the Lake Mary location is about a 40 minute drive from the main tourist/theme park district, their emphasis on locally sourced, free range, grass fed, hormone/antibiotic-free chickens and cows are sure to win over crowds. It will especially be a comfort for Canadians visiting the state to see a familiar brand.

Note: Their original flag ship location at the base of the Orlando Eye has been rebranded to Sofra: Mediterranean Grill and while they do serve “Paramount Meats” they have also begun selling alcohol. Their location near UCF has been closed.

Paramount Fine Foods Lake Mary
Interior of Paramount Fine Foods in Lake Mary. Nice décor and themes.

5. Oh My Gyro

Inspired by the New York Middle-Eastern Street food craze that took “The City” by storm, they offer the cart food classic, chicken or gyro over rice with salad, pita and the famous white sauce. They also offer Shish Tawook chicken, falafels and gyro sandwiches as well. This family owned business offers great service and great value. Located North of Orlando, it is a little bit of a drive from the tourist/theme park district but well worth it. They have made it on the TOP 5: Best Halal Restaurants in Orlando list too. They also offer freshly squeezed sugar cane juice which is quite refreshing after a long day in the heat.

Oh My Gyro Shish Tawook
Grilled Shish Tawook with Fries and Salad from Oh My Gyro

While there are many more Mediterranean and Middle Eastern restaurants out there in Orlando, this list should keep you busy and satisfied. Find a place that’s not on the list but should be, let us know in the comment section below. As always share this list with family and friends so they too can get the inside scoop to the Best Halal Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern Restaurants in Orlando. Always check out my social media channels on Twitter and Instagram.

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