Guru’s Rapid Review: Tenders Chicken, Orlando, Fl

Tenders Chicken, located on the east side of Orlando is a Halal fast-food restaurant that serves of creative dishes using breaded or grilled chicken strips as its base for inspiration. It is more commonly known as Tenders UCF as it is located near the University of Central Florida (UCF).


This Halal fast-food restaurant is geared to serve the student body of UCF thus their menu reflects the needs of the student body. They creatively combine chicken tenders, processed cheese, French fries and sandwich buns in different ways to create their menu offerings. While the ingredients are prepped ahead of time, the meals are cooked to order so you can enjoy hot crispy bites of fried chicken tenders right out of the deep fryer. While that may not appeal the health conscious calorie counter, no hungry college student can resist such a meal after a long brutal day of classes and study sessions.

wings, grilled chicken sub and a cheesy chicken fries melt

They have introduced gyro meats to their menu and do have salads for those looking to save on calories. Furthermore, they also offer grilled chicken again for those looking to avoid fried foods. They also offer wings which is a popular item. Here is our list of TOP 5: Best Halal Chicken Wings in Orlando.


Primarily a fast-food location, orders are placed at the counter and can be taken to go. The staff behind the counter is friendly and efficient. While placing your order, a screen at the register displays your order in real time for you to review for accuracy before you pay. If you do dine in, there is ample space to sit and enjoy your meal. A nice touch is that they bring your meal to your table.


As indicated above, this Halal restaurant is located just off the UCF campus. It is located in a large strip mall with several other restaurants and service providers. There is ample parking in front of the store.

There is definitely a sense of school pride and spirt when you enter. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the large murals on the wall that highlight the achievements of the UCF football squad. A large painted mural in school colors (black and gold) adorns the wall documenting their football prowess.


Tenders UCF mural
School Spirit at Tenders Chicken. Go Knights!


Given that the main clientele of this Halal fast-food spot are students, affordability is key. The items can be purchased a la carte or as a combo meal to create more value. The ingredients are common processed foods, again to keep costs to a minimum, so don’t expect to find specialty organic cheeses here. Another way to create value is to select their daily specials or follow their social media accounts as they often run special deal there too.

Tenders Chicken food
Cheesy goodness with fried chicken tenders and French fries.


It’s important to understand that Tenders Chicken caters to the student body, so affordability, speed and convenience are the key to their success. If you are hungry and looking for quantity over quality without breaking the bank, then Tenders Chicken is the spot for you. Be sure to check out their daily deals for even more savings.

Food Category: American Fast Food

Guru’s Rapid Review: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Must Try:  Tender Loco Melt, Philly Mac & Cheese Steak Sandwich

Address: 12226 Corporate Blvd, Orlando, FL

Phone: (407) 281-0960


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