Guru’s Rapid Review: B & B Express, Orlando, Fl

The newest fast-food hot spot to hit the Orlando Halal food scene is Burgers and Biryani Express (B&B Express) in Kissimmee. They have been open for about 6 months and are enjoying success by offering a menu that combines the best cuisine and inspiration of both the East and West.


The menu consists of American and Indian classical dishes. Some of the menu items are prepared ahead of time, while others are made fresh to order. Their burger is cooked in an air fryer which is a nice healthier twist on the American Classic. While they were not open when the TOP 5 Best Halal Burger in Orlando list was complied, they can be contender in the future.  The fries are also made in the air fryer and come out crisp. They top the fries in different ways with Cheddar Cheese, Jalapeno and Garlic Mayo to create interesting twists and flavor profiles.

BandBExpress Burger and Biryani
Burger, Fries, Garlic Mayo Fries and a Gyro Platter with white sauce

From their Indian menu, they offer prepared biryani ready to go for those wanting a more traditional meal. The menu also has an interesting spin on the standard Halal Cart Food, in that they use their biryani rice as the base of the dish to create additional spice and flavor undertones in the meal.


The staff is friendly and helpful to make meal suggestion if you’re not sure what to go with or try. Meals are prepared quickly and efficiently. They are open late to accommodate the late night crowd.



The restaurant is located in the front space of a mosque. It is not too far from the main Disney entrance and close to Jerusalum, a popular Halal Middle-Eastern Restaurant. It is about 15 minutes from Universal, but there are other fast-food spots around there. When you enter the restaurant, it has a cafeteria feel to it with the configuration. A large counter with the prepared rice dishes (biryani) are on display behind glass as you go to place your order.

B and B Express
Large counter with prepared rice dishes like Chicken and Goat Biryani, staying nice and hot


This fast-food restaurant is set up for affordability and access. A typical meal can cost between $ 5 -10 with a burger costing around $6 and a rice platter costing around $8. Portions are sufficient for individual to be satisfied after the meal.

B and B Express
Large seating area for group dinning to accommodate the large after prayer crowd


B & B Express is a nice addition to the Halal fast-food scene in Orlando. They offer both American and South Asian classics to create their menu. The key feature is the affordability of the meals. It makes for a nice place to hang out even at night as they are open late. The use of the air fryer for their burgers and fries adds a nice distinguishing factor and may offer a slightly healthier alternative.


Food Category: American Classic, Traditional South Asian

Guru’s Rapid Review: 3 of 5 Stars

Must Try:  Air fried Burger, Air Fried Garlic Mayo Fries

Address: 4990 W Irlo Bronson Memorial (US-192) , Kissimmee, FL 34746

Phone: 407-507-0517


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