TOP 5: Celebrate Eid in Style at these Orlando Halal Restaurants

Eid is the celebration at the end of Ramadhan. It is a time to rejoice for all that was accomplished during the month including fasting, praying and reconnecting with family and friends. Many families have strong tradition of getting together and celebrating over a lavish meal on Eid day. With growing families and busier schedules, some families have opted to catering or celebrating at a local Halal restaurant so everyone can enjoy and not worry about the dishes after.

This list consists of 5 Halal spots in Orlando that will help create some great memories for Eid day celebrations. These are restaurants that provide an excellent customer experience with service and ambiance to suit the occasion.

1. Jerusalem

Located in Kissimmee not too far from the main entrance of Disney, Jerusalem provides families with an authentic formal Middle-Eastern dining experience. For the better part of a decade, this family owned Halal restaurant has been grilling up kabobs and kafta much to the delight of hungry guests. The décor and displayed artifacts create an atmosphere that transports you from America to the sands of Northern Africa or the Middle-East. There are many large booths that line the wall to accommodate parties of 4-6, but if you have a larger group the tables at the center of the restaurant are the spot to be.


Interior Jerusalem Restaurant Orlando
Interior of Jerusalem Restaurant in Kissimmee Fl

2. Flame Kabob

From the same family that owns Jerusalem, this more casual fine dining Halal Middle-Eastern restaurant is located on “Restaurants Row” off Sandlake Road. Again, the focus is on freshly grilled meats and savory dishes. A nice feature is that it is close to many of the attractions on International Drive like the Orlando Eye allowing families to plan the day around fun and food. The service is good and the value for food portions is also on par with restaurants in the area. They offer both indoor and outdoor seating.


Flame Kabob Outdoor
Flame Kabob Outdoor Patio

3. Cozee Café

This Halal restaurant/cafe provides a comfortable, trendy and vibrant atmosphere for family and friends to relax and enjoy a nice meal. With indoor and outdoor seating capable of accommodating large parties, this Halal restaurant provides American classics with an Indian and East African twist. With their culinary creativity they earned a spot on the Top 5 list of Best Chicken sandwiches in Orlando. Best part about doing Eid celebration there is the wide array of sweet desserts and pastries on display. On Eid day, calories don’t count, so definitely try the Ferrero Roche Milkshake.

cozee cafe burgers
Lots of great looking dishes at Cozee Café

4. Paramount Fine Foods

This Canadian franchise expanded into Florida around 2015. Their website details the efforts they undertake to provide high quality ingredients including obtaining locally sourced meats from free range, grass fed, hormone/antibiotic-free chickens and cows. They have 2 locations under the Paramount Fine Foods brand in Orlando. One in Lake Mary is primarily a fast-casual take-out site, while the other site is near the University of Central Florida (UCF) has more dining space. They offer classical Middle-Eastern menu and also have some creative additions to peak your interest.

Paramount Fine Food sweets
What is Eid without Sweets!

5. Charcoal Zyka

Located just off I-528, this restaurant is close to International Drive and Universal. It made it on our list of TOP 5: Halal Restaurants close to Universal.  The menu is divided into an Indian and BBQ half, which is great for large families. The dining area can accommodate large dining parties and the service is consistently courteous. A nice feature is that dishes can come in larger portions that can be shared amongst family members creating for a group dining experience. A very popular item amongst guests is the rotisserie style Portuguese Chicken with hot sauce.

Charcoal Zyka Chicken and Fries
Halal Chicken and Fries from Charcoal Zyka

Ramadhan is a time of fasting and sacrifice and Eid is the culmination of that effort. It is appropriate to celebrate and enjoy that accomplishment with family and friends. Hopefully, this list will help with planning your function. It’s best to call ahead to confirm their hours and make reservations for your party. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Eid Mubarak!

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