Guru’s Top 5: Late night Halal eats in Orlando.

Cravings happen. Finding Halal food at odd hours of the day and night can be challenging. In the past, finding Halal restaurants open past 9 pm in Orlando was difficult. However, as the city has grown and becomes a prime tourist destination, Halal restaurants are responding to the demand with many opening later so you can eat great even late.

This list is a resource of some of the Halal restaurants in Orlando that are open late.

1. Slim Orlando’s Philly Steak and Gyro

This is the grandfather of late night Halal eating in Orlando. For more than a decade they have been open late, as late as 2am. Muslims, both locals and visitors, can enjoy fast foods like burgers, cheesesteaks, wings and various Middle-Eastern delights like shawarma and gyro meat platters. The ownership changed recently, and the new owners have made several improvements to the overall customer experience including a dining area renovation and improved customer service. They are one of my favorite spots for chicken wings and make the Top 5 list of Halal chicken wings in Orlando.

Slims Burger and Fries
Burger and Fries Combo from Slim Orlando’s Philly Steak and Gyro. Really good value.

2. Kennedy Chicken & Grill

Let’s be honest, fried chicken tastes better at midnight. Thankfully, Kennedy’s has all the fried chicken you can eat and enjoy. They are located about 20 minutes away from the theme park district so it is within striking distance if you have those late night cravings. In addition to fried chicken, they also have wings, burgers and cheesesteaks for your dining pleasure. They are open late most nights and have very friendly staff.

3. B & B Express

Opened this year in the front of a mosque in Kissimmee, B and B Express combines East and West cuisine. They offer classic burger and classic biryani to hungry guests and worshippers. Given their location, they cater to mosque goers when they are most hungry, after Jummah and Isha, and visitors visiting touristy spots around Disney . The burgers are air fried which is an interesting twist and may be a healthier option compared to classic grilled burgers. They are open late till 11pm on most nights.

4. Jerusalem

Located near Disney, Jerusalem is a family owned Middle-Eastern restaurant. Given its proximity to Disney, they stay open late till 11 pm on most nights. Guests can enjoy the full magical day at the theme parks and then go for a nice relaxed family dinner in the evening. The food is high quality and the portions are ample creating value for the higher price point. The atmosphere and service has a more formal aspect compared to other Halal restaurants in the area and one of my TOP 5 Mediterreaspots to eat in Orlando.

Jerusalem Mixed Grill Platter
Mixed Grill Platter with Salad and Rice from Jerusalem

5. Loop Gyros

A classic fast food Halal spot located in the South Eastern corner of Orlando, Loop Gyro has been solving late night cravings for years. They offer classic American burgers, wings and cheesesteaks. The also offer classic Middle-Eastern items like gyros and hummus. The food is good and well-priced making a it viable destination for those in the area. However, if you’re located closer to the theme parks, careful how your GPS routes there because most of the paths involve toll roads.

loop Gyros menu
Philly, Burger and wings, the classic trio

The ability to eat Halal late at night is another nice feature of visiting Orlando. It gives you options to plan out your day without worrying about the clock when you plan your meals or want to spontaneously grab a bite to eat. There are other spots that are open late too and this list is meant to get you started. Let us know in the comment section below if you found this list useful and follow us on Instagram and Twitter for more highlights of the Halal Florida Food Scene.

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