Guru’s Rapid Review: Juicy Gyros, Miami Beach, FL

Strolling in the sand with the cool ocean breeze brushing against your face on Miami’s North beach is the perfect way to spend the day. But, the hot sun can leave you looking for some shade to recharge. That’s why it so refreshing to see Juicy Gyros just steps away from the beach on Collins Avenue. For the better part of a decade they have been providing tasty halal gyros to hungry tanned visitors.


This Mediterranean restaurant serves the typical menu selection of beef/lamb or chicken gyros. It is available in a pita wrap or served on a bed of rice and crisp fresh salad. The gyro meats are tender and have a good amount of spicy to them to give you a little kick, but if you truly want to feel the burn (hopefully no sun burns from your time on the beach) then their hot sauce is a must.

Juicy Gyros
Spicy Beef/Lamb Gyro


The shop is conveniently located off Collins Avenue in North Beach, considered the family friendly part of the beaches in Miami. The sign for the restaurant is not very prominent, but it is located between a Denny’s and IHOP as reference. There is limited street parking, but a large public parking lot is located not too far north from the restaurant.

Entering the restaurant you are taken into a dim den which is nice if you’re trying to escape the hot bright noon sun for a lunch break. There are ample Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean artifacts on the walls and tables to occupy your attention as you wait for your meal. Seating is limited to smaller parties of 4 although there is one larger table near the window to accommodate a larger group.

Juicy Gyros Interior
Internal Décor of Juicy Gyros

The bathrooms are private/single occupancy rooms and located in the back of the restaurant.


Juicy Gyros is primarily a dine-in spot. The servers will take your order as you are seated and bring your meal to you. The staff was friendly and informative.


Given that the restaurant is located in a highly busy tourist area amongst many dining establishments you can expect there to be a premium to pay. You can expect to pay $9 USD for a gyro sandwich. Thankfully the portions are filing for a hungry individual and the food quality is above average giving value to the meal.

Juicy Gyros
Spicy Chicken Gyro and Spicy Beef/Lamb Gyro


Dining Halal can be difficult if you’re on the beach in Florida given the limited real estate for restaurants, but thankfully Juicy Gyros is a viable option. The dimly lit setting provides a nice refuge from the bright sun creating a relaxing atmosphere. Parking can be tricky during peak hours but is definitely worth it even if you have to park further and walk.

Food Category:   Middle-Eastern/ Mediterranean   

Guru’s Rapid Review: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Must Try:  Spicy Beef/Lamb Gyro Sandwich

Address:   6944 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33141‎

Phone: (305) 397-8200


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