Guru’s Top 5: This is where the 5 closest Halal restaurants to Muslim Congress in Orlando are for 2018

Muslim Congress organizes an annual conference where Muslim youth gather to discuss spiritual, political and social issues that affect their faith living in North America. This year, the city of Orlando is pleased to host the 2018 Muslim Congress National  Conference. With the beautiful summer weather, proximity to the theme parks, I-Drive and beaches, conference attendees are sure to enjoy their free time outside of the conference venue.

After a long day of thought provoking lectures and discussion, attendees of the conference are sure to build up an appetite. In this post, we create a short list of Halal Restaurants that are within close striking distance of the venue at the Hyatt near the Airport in Orlando. Click on the restaurant name for more detailed review and contact information.

1. Chaat House

Open for over a decade, Chaat House has been a popular destination for locals and guests to the city. The location is very close to the venue and has ample seating and a wide variety of menu options. If you’re in the mood for Indian, Chinese, Middle Eastern or Italian cuisine, they have it all under one roof.  Service can be sparse especially if they are busy. The Chicken Tikka Pizza is a definite must try as it made it on our list of TOP 5 Halal Pizza spots in Orlando.

Beef and Chicken with Fried Rice with Nihari from Chaat House
Items from the Chinese and Indian Menu from Chaat House

2. Charcoal Zkya

Located just off I-528, this restaurant is close to the venue. The menu is divided into an Indian and BBQ half. The large dining area can accommodate large dining parties and the service is consistently courteous. A very popular item amongst locals is the rotisserie style Portuguese Chicken with hot sauce. They also earned a spot on our TOP 5 Halal Burgers in Orlando.

Charcoal Zyka Chicken and Fries
Halal Chicken and Fries from Charcoal Zyka

3. Kabob King

If you’re looking for the most authentic Indian food experience, then Kabob King is the spot for you. The food is so spicy, it burns a hole through your stomach by just by looking at it. While the service, atmosphere and cleanliness have room for improvement, it does add to the authenticity of the experience. The Bhari Kabob and Nihari are very popular amongst the locals who frequent this spot.

Kabob King Interior
Interior setup of Kabob King. While not a Palace, the food is the Crown Jewel.

4. Melt’d Subs

Recently opened in 2017, Melt’d Subs is a Halal version of Subway with their fast-casual made to order model. Grilled meats and deli meats are available to create your custom sandwich, rice bowl or salad. Located off I-528 it’s not too far from the conference and is located in a large shopping complex (look for the 7-11 Gas Station as a landmark). They service mostly a lunch time crowd so be sure to check out their hours of operation. They made our TOP 5 spots for a Halal Chicken Sandwich.

Melt'd Food Station
Fresh Ingredients from Melt’d in Orlando. A Halal Version of Subway

5. Golden Dynasty

Golden Dynasty has been a popular spot for locals and visitors alike. Recently they have had issues with consistent quality but their legacy does keep customers coming through the door. Primarily an Indo-Chinese restaurant, the menu can seem a little overwhelming. Seating can be sparse during peak hours. They are open late. The Crispy Chicken appetizer is a must if you’re dining in.

The Orlando Muslim community is excited to host the 14th Annual National Muslim Congress conference this year and is eager to showcase the many amenities the city has to offer. Be sure to check out the newly opened Masjid Al-Hayy in Sanford for a truly breathtaking architectural experience. Also stay tuned to our website as we post more insight in to the Orlando Halal Food Scene to help you make the most of your Halal dining experiences. Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram for the latest updates.

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