GURU’S Rapid Review: Loop Gyros, Kissimmee, Orlando, Fl

Located in the southeast corner of the greater Orlando area about 20-30 minutes away from the theme parks, Loop Gyros is a great Halal fast-food spot to hit up, especially late as they are open till midnight if not later. They have 2 locations in Kissimmee and we visited their newer location next to the large shopping complex called “The Loop”.

They have been at that location since 2008 serving classics like gyro, burgers and Philly cheesesteaks. Their original location is further east in Kissimmee, located closer to the Florida State Turnpike.


As a fast-food restaurant they draw heavily from American classics like burgers, wings and Philly cheesesteaks. But their menu also takes inspiration from Middle-Eastern heritage and thus they offer items like gyro, shawarma, kabobs and hummus to suit the more traditional palate.

loop Gyros menu
Philly, Burger and wings, the classic trio

The Cherry Hot Pepper Gyro Burger with Pepper Jack cheese steals the show as it a nice mix of meat, spice in bun format.


The food is made to order and brought to your table which is a nice unexpected feature if you’re dining in for a fast-food restaurant. It can be busy but the staff seems to be able to handle the rush and push out food at a good pace.

halal burger loop gyros
Ready to take a bite of the Cherry hot pepper gyro burger


In this post we review the newer of the 2 locations which is closer to the theme parks and tourist attractions. The shop is located in a strip plaza in between Lowes (the hardware store) and BJ’s Wholesale (a type of Costco). It is across the street from the large shopping complex called “The Loop”.

While the name “Loop Gyros” is not prominent on the sign, the Word “PhillySteak” is in giant letters above the store entrance lets you know you’re at the right spot.

loop gyro van special
Loop Gyromobile for all your halal fast food needs

One drawback is that the quickest routes to the shop from the theme parks or from downtown Orlando are through toll roads. Be sure to review the route your GPS is taking.

The store is setup as a typical fast-food location with seating near the entrance and the counter at the back. A wall behind the counter cuts down the noise coming from the kitchen. The bathrooms (separate men and women) are at the back of the restaurant down a long corridor. The seating area is simple with many small tables for parties of 2-4 but can be moved to accommodate larger groups. There is ample parking in the lot in front of the store.

loop gyro indoor
Counter to place your orders with soda machine off to the side


The pricing of the menu items are very competitive and can fit all budgets. The portions are as expected for a fast food restaurant and filling. A nice feature they have is the ability to create a combo with fries and a drink to any sandwich. They also run lunch specials at discounted rates.


The Philly cheesesteak scene is strong in Orlando with many Halal fast-food restaurants offering their version. The most famous of these spots is Slims, located near Disney Springs. Loop Gyros does have a strong candidate in the philly cheesesteak game, but a drawback, for those coming from the theme parks, is the distance and toll roads. However, they are open till 1 am on most weekend nights which can make the trek worthwhile. If you’re shopping at “The Loops” complex, then Loop Gyros is the perfect spot for refueling.

Food Category: American and Middle-Eastern Fast-Food

Guru’s Rapid Review: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Must Try: Cherry Hot Pepper Gyros Burger, Philly cheesesteak

Address: 1164 W Osceola Pkwy, Kissimmee, FL 34741

Phone: (407) 944-4976


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