Guru’s TOP 5: Halal Spots around Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida

Universal Studios in Orlando is a magnet for roller coaster enthusiasts looking for thrills and speed. But working up a healthy appetite after a long day at the attractions, what’s a hungry Muggle looking for Halal eats supposed to do? (see what I did there, Harry Potter Reference). Finding the best Halal restaurants around the theme park can be time consuming. But don’t worry, Halal Food Guru has you covered.

In this list, you find 5 Halal joints to visit to cap of the day with a great meal after a long day of fun at Universal Studios. We’ve included only those restaurants that serve Halal meats and don’t offer other non-Halal items prominently as it does not line up with our mission statement.

1. Flame Kabob

Located off Sandlake Road amongst many fine-dining establishments of “Restaurant Row”, this family-owned Middle-Eastern Halal restaurant makes the list of spots to visit after a long day of screaming on the roller coasters. The quiet and calm atmosphere and excellent service is great for family and friends looking to relax and unwind. They offer both indoor and covered outdoor seating. They are competitively priced and overall good value for the portions of their meals. Recommend the Shish Tawook as a pita wrapped sandwich (it made our TOP 5 List for Chicken Sandwiches in Orlando, too) or served on a bed of rice and salad.

Flame Kabob Outdoor
Flame Kabob Outdoor Patio

2. Melt’d

Recently opened in 2017, Melt’d has adopted the Subway Sandwich business model. This fast-food location allows you to create your custom sandwich in real-time fresh to order. In addition to traditional proteins of chicken and beef they also offer Halal processed meats like roast beef which is not that common in Orlando. For their selection, they also made the TOP 5 Halal Chicken Sandwiches in Orlando. Located in a large shopping plaza, it’s not too far from Interstate-528. Its proximity to Universal Studios makes it a prime location for Park-goers looking for a quick bite to eat after a long day in the heat. A nice feature is the Coke Fountain Machine which allows you to make any combination soft drink you desire.

Melt'd Food Station
Fresh Ingredients from Melt’d in Orlando. A Halal Version of Subway

3. Sizzler

This Halal Indian restaurant has been on I-Drive for the better part of a decade. Its convenient location provides a great opportunity for those looking for a spicy thrill. The age of the restaurant shows and there is limited parking in front. Also, the service can be hit or miss and the price to portion ratio can be a little high given its prime location on International Drive. If it’s Indian food you need and don’t want to drive far, then this spot is a viable option.

4. Halal Food Express

Conveniently located in the heart of I-Drive near Universal, this fast-food location serves up hot pizzas made to order. They are known for their specialty pizzas like Chicken Kabob Pizza and Gyro Pizza and made the list for TOP 5 Halal Pizza Spots in Orlando. They also offer many other American fast-food items like burgers and wings as well as some Middle-Eastern choices like falafels and gyro. The décor of the restaurant clearly reflects their Islam roots with Quranic calligraphy on the walls and a large painted mural of the 3 holy sites of Islam for you to enjoy as your meal is prepared. The food is priced a little higher than competitors, but you are paying for the convenience of the location.

Halal Express Orlando
Halal Express Orlando Mural

5. Charcoal Zyka

Located off Interstate 528, Charcoal Zyka is very accessible to locals and visitors alike, especially those visiting Universal Studios or SeaWorld. It is well known for its classic Indian cuisine but has a strong BBQ menu that is unmatched in the area. They have several chicken sandwich combos which are great for lunch or dinner. From Butter Chicken to Portuguese (Rotisserie) Chicken, they got it covered. Their burgers are also very good earning them on a spot on the TOP 5 Halal Burgers in Orlando. They have been in business for several years and their service and food quality are consistent, making them a solid choice to visit in the Orlando Halal restaurant market.

Charcoal Zyka Chicken and Fries
Halal Chicken and Fries from Charcoal Zyka

When you come to Orlando, you come to have fun and enjoy the theme parks like Universal. It’s good to know that you can cap of the day with a great Halal meal without having to travel too far from the theme park. While there are other Halal restaurants in the area, this list should get you going on the right track. Make sure to share it and spread the word. Find another Halal restaurant that should be on the list, let us know in the comment section below.

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