GURU TOP 3: Romantic Halal Restaurants in Orlando

With Valentines day around the corner, you may want to treat your spouse to a nice dinner. There are several Halal restaurants in the Orlando area that have distinctive traits to help you make your dining experience a little more special.

If you are planning a romantic dinner, but don’t have a spouse yet, Astaghfirullah! Put a ring on it and then come back to this list.

Normally it’s a TOP 5 list, as we have done in the past for Halal Burgers in Orlando, Halal Chicken Sandwiches in Orlando, but in this case, I really wanted to focus on Halal restaurants that have a certain atmosphere, attention to customer service or excellent menu selection to help make that dining experience all the more special. Also, we did not include restaurants that serve Halal meat, but also serve non-Halal items such as alcohol or pork products as not in line with our mission statement.

1. Cozee Café

This trendy Halal café is an excellent choice for a casual dining experience. The soft and relaxing ambiance will invite you to reminisce with your spouse about past adventures. The food and service demonstrate a high level of attention to detail which make you feel welcome. When you’re your done with dinner, don’t forget to indulge on some of their excellent desserts and specialty drinks and coffees.

Cozee Cafe burger
Burgers from Cozee Cafe


2. Flame Kabob

Located on “Restaurants Row” off Sandlake Road near Universal, this family owned Halal Middle Eastern restaurant has a menu sure to impress. The dish presentation and high level of customer attention make this a great spot to have a more formal dining experience. The grilled meats have that great charcoal taste but at the same time are a healthier option compared to fried foods thus saving you some calories for dessert.

Flame Kabob Orlando Shish Tawook
Shish Tawook and Hummus from Flame Kabob

Bonus Points: there is an authentic gelato spot in the same plaza called La Carraia Gelato which is a nice place to go afterwards for cool, refreshing way to end the meal.

3. Charcoal Zyka

Located off Interstate 528, Charcoal Zyka has been around for a long time which is a testimony to their menu and service. While they consider themselves a “Top-Rated Indian Restaurant in Orlando”, it’s their grilled menu that many local Muslims are attracted by. If your spouse enjoys barbeque meat, then this is the spot with offerings like the 12 oz Ribeye steak or Beef short ribs. The décor is a little muted, but it’s the food and service that should compensate. Also, you’ll be close to International Drive (I-Drive) so you can take a stroll afterwards.

Charcoal Zyka Orlando
Interior of Charcoal Zyka

Hopefully this list sparks some ideas for you to enjoy a nice evening with the spouse and spend some quality time together. If you know someone that could benefit from this list, share this list with them.

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