Guru’s Top 5: Best Halal Burgers in Orlando

Top 5 places to get a Halal Burger in Orlando, FL

With the opening of many new Halal Fast-Food restaurants in Orlando, the burger arms race has really fired up, much to the joy of locals and visitors alike. While this list is not comprehensive, it should resonate with patrons on where to get some of the best halal burgers in Orlando, Florida.

THIS LIST WILL BE UPDATED IN 2020 to reflect changes in the Orlando Halal Food Scene. Visit our other posts for more info and sign up for our Email Newsletter on our main page to get the latest info.

1.O’Town Burger N Wings

This restaurant has taken the Halal burger market by storm in Orlando with their recent opening just under a year ago. They serve fresh, made to order charcoal grilled Angus beef patties. The burger is served on a toasted bun with their special “pink sauce”. A side of shoestring French fries tossed in a spicy salt complements the burger very nicely and make the experience all that more enjoyable. The service is stellar and very friendly. It is about a 20 minute drive from the attraction hub in Orlando, but is well worth it. You can expect to pay around $8 USD for the opportunity to delight your taste buds! Click here for the full review.


2. Charcoal Zyka

This restaurant has consistently provided a quality burger for locals and visitors to enjoy over the years. They offer an array of specialty burgers. The patty is a generous half pound premium ground beef that is charcoal grilled and dressed in several elaborate ways for customers to enjoy. Their Inferno burger is popular, if you can stand the heat. As a node to their Indian traditions, they have a Chapli Kebob Burger too. The burgers do come with a variety of side dishes to choose from including French fries, mash potatoes or coleslaw which you can mix and match. It is in a convenient location close to the airport and tourist attractions making it easy for visitors from near and far to enjoy a quality sit-down lunch or dinner. Click here for the full review

 3. Cozee Café (Update 12/19: No longer open 😦 as of 10/19 )

This café is well known to the Orlando North Muslim community as great location to relax and enjoy some specialty coffee or to sit down with family and friends for an upscale meal experience. It is located in a large entertainment complex in Heathrow/Lake Mary (about 30 minutes north of downtown Orlando), with many other restaurants competing for hungry customers looking for a unique dining experience. They offer Creekstone Farms Black Angus all-beef half pound patty served on a toasted Kaiser bun with their special Cozee burger sauce. They dress the burger in several different ways to create unique favor profiles to satisfy all taste buds. The offer a classic version for those interested in the traditional burger. They also offer a BBQ crunch burger and a Tamarind burger for those interested in a more sour and savory versions. Their burger comes with a side of fries or salad. You can expect to pay over $10 USD, but the service and atmosphere justify the higher price point on the meal and leaving you with a truly satisfied experience. Click here for the full review.


4. OMG! (Oh My Gyro)

While this fast-food restaurant is best known for its New York Style Cart food, they have expanded their menu to include burgers amongst other things. They offer Creekstone Farms Black Angus half pound patties made on the charcoal grill. Since its introduction, it has become a popular menu item. The restaurant is a clean, comfortable location to have a quick bite to eat or have a nice sit-down experience with family and friends. Located in Longwood, Florida, just north of Orlando, it is a little bit of a drive for tourists and visitors who spend most of their time around the main attractions in Orlando but is definitely worth the drive. They offer great value for the meal and you can expect to spend around $8 for the standard cheeseburger and fries combo. Click here for the full review.

5. Paramount Fine Foods Mediterranean Cuisine (Update: No Longer Open 😦 as of 2018)

This restaurant with their farm-to-table philosophy is located in the I-360 hub off International Drive (I-Drive), in the heart of the tourist district. While classically a Middle-Eastern restaurant, they do offer some of the typical American fast-food options, including burgers. The beef burger is charcoal grilled fresh to order. While not the best item on the menu, it does satisfy that need for a juicy smoky flavoured burger, especially if you’ve been walking up and down I-Drive visiting the various attractions like the Orlando Eye. They have a large dine-in area with an indoor playground for the children. It can be a little pricey given that it’s in a tourist area, but the service is consistently good and is a perfect spot for large family gatherings and celebrations. Click here for the full review.

The classic American burger is the comfort food for locals and visitors to Orlando alike. Agree with our list or feel like a local Halal restaurant didn’t make the list, let us know in the comment section below. Stay tuned for our future top lists!

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