Guru’s Rapid Review: Flame Kabob, Orlando, FL

Guru’s Rapid Review: Flame Kabob, Orlando, FL

Located amongst many trendy restaurants along Sandlake Road in Orlando, Flame Kabob is well positioned to serve customers in this tourist district looking for Halal eats. The restaurant is family –owned by the same owners of Jerusulam, another halal middle-eastern restaurant located closer to Disney.   While the menu consists of the standard Middle-Eastern offerings, it is very authentic creating a loyal following.


The menu consists of the typical Middle-Eastern cuisine consisting of kafta, kabob and shish tawook offered in a pita sandwich or as an entrée served over a bed of rice. The meats are well seasoned and tender, compared to other restaurants in the same food class, providing a spice-rich bold taste without masking the chargrilled flavours.


One particularly nice feature is that they caramelize the onions in their sandwiches providing that sweet savoury contrast when taking a bite. The hummus is very good and has a thick creamy texture making it easy to scoop up and enjoy.



The restaurant is located in a tourist district near International-Drive, Universal, Seaworld and the Orlando Eye making it easy for guests to get great Halal food after visiting these attractions for the day. The restaurant is not visible from Sandlake Road, making it difficult to spot if you’re not familiar with the area. It is located in a large shopping plaza with Publix, Office Depot, Home Goods, on one of the outer pods in the back of the complex beside a Subway and Pizza Hut. There is plenty of parking.

There is a large covered patio area for outdoor dining of larger parties, while the inside has several smaller booths and tables capable of seating 2-6 people. The indoor décor has a large painted mural on the back wall of arched columns nodding to the middle-eastern architectural tradition. The bathrooms are located in the back of the restaurant and are private and clean.



There is focus on the customer experience as the restaurant is located in a well known tourist district. The service is attentive and prompt. The staff is limited, so if the restaurant is busy, there can be some delay in taking orders or waiting for dishes.



Considering the restaurant location in a trendy neighbourhood, the lunch and dinner menus are reasonably priced. They also have lunch specials for those looking for added value. For a sandwich, you can expect to pay in the range of $7, while entrees can cost in the range of $12-20. The portions are good and the dinner entrée can potentially be shared, especially when compared to other middle-eastern restaurants in the area.


This restaurant provides an overall good dining-in experience with the service and atmosphere. The food is consistently good. It is a great location to take someone special out for dinner or to celebrate a special occasion. If you’re not familiar with the area, it’s best to plug the address into your GPS as it is a little hard to find as it is tucked away in the back plot of the shopping complex.

Guru’s Rapid Review: Flame Kabob

City: Orlando, Fl

Food Category: Mediterranean or Middle-Eastern

Guru’s Rapid Review: 4 of 5 Stars

Must Try: Shish Tawook Sandwich, Beef Kabob entrée with rice and salad

Address: 7536 Dr. Phillips Blvd, Orlando, Fl, 32819

Phone: (407) 248-2280


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