Guru’s Rapid Review: Paramount Fine Foods, Orlando, Fl

Guru’s Rapid Review: Paramount Fine Foods

City: Orlando, Fl

Food Category: American Fast-Food, Mediterranean

This Canadian based franchise has set its eyes on the Sunshine State for expansion. As a very successful brand in Canada and well received by the communities there, they are looking to replicate their success in America. They bring their unique style of Mediterranean Cuisine and also their food culture to bear on the market. Their business model centers on vertical integration, meaning they have a hand in every aspect of the meal preparation process, from the farm to the table. They partner with local farms and ensure their philosophy of healthy and quality ingredients are promoted and adhered to. They state on their website that they use “organic, grass fed, free range meats and locally grown vegetables”. They do this because they believe “consistency in the food being served at the restaurant can only be achieved by direct supply”.


They have closed all their Orlando locations as June 2019. There is no longer any branches at UCF, Lake Mary or at the Orlando Eye.


Paramount began their expansion in Florida in 2014 by opening their flagship location on International Drive (I-Drive) in Orlando at the base of the newly constructed Orlando Eye . They were part of the effort to revitalize I-Drive for tourists looking for new and exciting attractions. They created a beautifully decorated large dine-in restaurant with an indoor playground for families to enjoy. Since their opening, they have grown in popularity and fame amongst the guests who appreciate the family friendly environment and commitment to quality and service.


The menu has a very traditional component, offering the classic Mediterranean options including shawarma, kaftas, kabobs both in the chicken and beef. The meats are cooked fresh to order and have the rich smoky flavour that you would expect from a restaurant in this category. They can be orders as an entrée, served with fries, rice and hummus, or they can be offered in the traditional sandwich medium.

A nice feature of the restaurant is that they have an oven to bake bread that is always firing. When you sit down for your meal, they bring freshly baked bread straight from the oven and when you break into it, you can see the steam escaping. The oven is also used for their wide variety of Manakeesh. This soft flat bread is topped with a variety of traditional toppings like Zaatar, Cheese and minced beef but they also innovate and create several mini-pizza options most notably, Butter Chicken Pizza and Philly Cheese Steak Pizza. Essentially, they are utilizing shawarma meats in a new fashion with tasty results.

They also have a great array of traditionally Middle-Eastern sweets.


Overall, this is one of the top-tiered halal Mediterranean restaurants in Orlando. They offer a quality product and match it with the service to justify the higher price point when compared to their more established competition in the area. A nice feature is that the menu offers both meals in individual portion or family portions to accommodate larger parties. The location is convenient for locals and visitors to the area enjoying the day or night away from the theme-parks. There is a large parking garage close by so parking isn’t a big issue (as long as you avoid peak times).

Address:  8371 International Dr #60, Orlando, FL 32819

Phone:  (407) 930-8645


Guru’s Rapid Review: 4 out of 5 stars

Must Try: Mixed grill  family platter


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