Guru’s Rapid Review: Charcoal Zyka, Orlando, FL

Guru’s Rapid Review: Charcoal Zyka

City: Orlando, Fl

Food Category: Indian and American 

Charcoal Zyka has been serving in the Orlando region for many years. It is close to the main Orlando attractions including SeaWorld, Universal, Disney and I-Drive. They provide visitors and locals with a comfortable, clean environment for halal dining. Located in a plaza just off I-528, it’s easy to find and navigate to for visitors.

The exciting menu is the main attraction to the restaurant. They dub themselves as “the Best Indian Restaurant in Orlando”. While this is debatable, they do rank high on the list of great locations for Halal Indian cuisine. While they compete in a crowded market for visitors seeking Indian foods, they underplay the grill menu, which are just as innovative and exciting as their traditional items. This unique grill menu is what many local Muslims in the Orlando region seek out when visiting this restaurant.

The most popular grill item is by far the Portuguese BBQ chicken. This marinated chicken is slow grilled over a charcoal flame and is then smothered in their house sauce and served as a quarter, half or whole chicken. The chicken remains moist and the skin is a little crispy and comes with a side order too. Don’t worry, the sauce is a bit spicy but is not overwhelmingly hot. Another popular grill item is the Beef Short Rib. This marinated beef short rib is slow cooked till the meat is soft and tender and falls off the bone with minimal effort.

Best item on their menu is the Chicken!

The menu also has an array of chicken and beef sandwiches and wraps which are very good options if you’re looking for a lighter meal or are on the go. The crispy buffalo chicken wrap provides a good hot kick to the traditional fried chicken wrap. Their burger is also a great option if you’re craving a juicy burger.

The service at the restaurant is consistently good and they treat their customers with respect and are attentive. The restaurant itself is a little dark given the décor and paint scheme and most of the lighting comes from the large windows at the entrance. They are able to accommodate customers looking for a prayer space too.

Charcoal Zyka Orlando
Interior of Charcoal Zyka

Overall, this family owned restaurant has been in Orlando for many years serving visitors to the major attractions and has served as a great anchor for good, clean halal dining for the Muslim community. It is a perfect venue for large and small families with diverse tastes as they offer many options on their menu.

Address: 10249 S John Young Pkwy #109, Orlando, FL, 32837

Phone: (407) 440-4210


Guru’s Rapid Review: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Must Try: Portuguese BBQ Chicken



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