Guru’s Rapid Review: Kennedy Chicken & Grill, Orlando, FL

Guru’s Rapid Review: Kennedy Chicken & Grill

City: Orlando, Fl

Food Category: American fast-food

This franchise location opened in 2016 in Orlando and has become a popular destination for halal fried chicken. As the name implies, the main draw to this restaurant is the offering of halal fried chicken. The chicken is deep fried and comes out with the crispy golden crust with a hint of spice.

They offer various combos of number and type of pieces ranging from the small snack size pieces to large family platter. These combos come with buttermilk biscuits and other side items like French fries, mash potatoes, macaroni & cheese, coleslaw, corn on the cob and rice.

The owners did note that the gravy for the mash potatoes was not sourced from halal products and that item should be avoided.

The menu also consists of many fried shrimp combo for those interested. For those not interested in fried options, there is a grilled chicken rice plate available which is a viable option.


This fast-food restaurant is geared towards rapid customer turnover and primarily set up for take-out orders. They are constantly frying chicken in batches and have them in the warmer behind the counter to fulfill orders quickly and efficiently. If you don’t mind waiting, they can freshly fry your chicken if you want to experience peak crispiness when you take your first bite. All the side orders like biscuits, mash potatoes, macaroni & cheese, coleslaw and corn on the cob are pre-made and ready to go. All the grilled chicken options will take time to prepare but are worth the wait. The staff is friendly and helpful especially when you are picking out your meal and trying to figure out what meal combo’s are best for you.

Overall, this fast-food location is a welcomed addition to the growing halal fast-food scene in Orlando. While fried chicken is the focus, the menu does deviate for those seeking grilled chicken options or beef options. Service is attentive to customer needs and requests which make the dining experience pleasant. The restaurant is clean and comfortable and the restrooms are clean and stocked with soap and paper towels. There is seating in the restaurant, but it consists mostly of booths that seat 4-6, so a larger party may need to split up or re-arrange some the tables in the restaurant. As an added convenience, they deliver and orders can be placed online.

Address: 6601 Old Winter Garden Rd., Orlando, FL 32835

Phone: (407) 440-2593


Guru’s Rapid Review: 3.5 of 5 Stars

Must Try: Fresh Fried Chicken, Grilled Chicken plate

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