Guru’s Rapid Reviews: Nubia Philly Steak & Pizza, Tampa Bay, Fl

Guru’s Rapid Review: Nubia Philly Steak & Pizza

 City:  Tampa Bay, Fl

Food Category: American Fast-Food, Mediterranean

Address: 12647 N. 56th St. Tampa, FL 33617

Phone: (813) 605-0780


Guru’s Rapid Review: 3 out of 5 stars

Must Try: Pizza and Calzones

Located in the Temple Terrace district of Tampa Bay, this fast food restaurant offers a mix of Mediterranean and American styles. It has been open for over a year and has a strong following of loyal customers. It is located near the USF campus making it a great option for students and supports them by offering a 10% discount on their meals. It is also adjacent to a Hookah Lounge allowing late night visitors a quick bite to eat. Another convenient feature is the ability to place orders online through their website.

The restaurant offers typical Mediterranean sandwich options such as gyro and pita wraps. They also offer some typical rice dishes serving gyro, grilled chicken and even fish and shrimp over yellow rice with a garlic paste on the side. The bulk of the menu focuses on typical fast food staples like Philly cheese steaks, burgers, chicken wraps and wings. They also serve Paninis which can come with your choice of meats including Philly cheese steak, grilled chicken, gyro and turkey.


They also cater to the pizza market allowing you to order a custom made pizza pie or order from one of their specialty pizzas. A nice feature is that they have expanded to also offer calzone, Stromboli and various pasta dishes as part of their Italian menu. With all this variety in the menu and offerings, one is sure to find something to satisfy that craving and allows returning customers to sample various menu items as their heart desires.


The portions of the dishes are reasonable for the pricing again, making it affordable for the many students in the area.  The sandwiches are very standard from a taste perspective with no unexpected surprises and no hidden flavor burst to make them outstanding. The pizzas are made to order and offer the satisfying combination of dough and cheese and have a NY style presentation with the large slices, thin crust and ample oozing cheese. The food is served in red plastic baskets with a checkerboard wax paper to hold the food in place or in Styrofoam containers which speak to it niche market of fast-food and rapid turnover rather than a fine dining experience. Furthermore, the presentation of the food displays this philosophy too as food is placed in the basket with minimal attention to presentation. While the food tastes good, the haphazard presentation at times can make it seem less appetizing.


The restaurant is located in a strip mall with ample parking in front. The restaurant itself has plenty of seating to accommodate small and large groups. The inside is very clean, as is the restroom. The walls are painted a sandy yellow with many framed papyrus art work hung on the wall to remind you of the North African heritage the restaurant is named after. This is a family run business and the owner and his son are performing much of the duties. They are friendly and attentive to customer needs and special requests and work to make you comfortable in their establishment. Overall, this is a good restaurant to visit if in the Temple Terrace area of Tampa Bay. Its diverse menu of fast-food options allow for a satisfying quick bite to eat or a late night meal.

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