Guru’s Rapid Reviews: OMG! Orlando, Fl

Guru’s Rapid Review: OMG! Oh My Gyro

City: Orlando, Fl

Food Category: American Fast-Food, Mediterranean

Located in Longwood, just north of Orlando, OMG serves New York style cart food. While many New Yorkers trade away the long commute for the long drive on the golf course and move to Florida, they still long for the great food culture they had at their fingertips in the Big City. Now Floridians now have access to the dish that made New York Street Food famous.

OMG opened in 2016 by a family from New York that moved to Florida and brought with them the strong bold flavor from the streets of “The City”.  Immediately there was a flurry of activity and they gained much popularity. Many New Yorkers that are living in Florida or visiting the state instantaneously recognized and gravitated to the restaurant. Many posts on their Facebook page describe how pleased patrons to see this famously New York street dish being served in the Sunshine State.


The fast-food menu takes inspiration from the Cart Food served on the streets of New York City. The centerpiece being chicken or gyro meats served over rice and salad. Of course the meal comes with the famous creamy “white sauce” and spicy “red sauce”. The meal is made to order and placed in a tin bowl, a node to the serving vessel used by the cart vendors on New York streets. The rice is yellow and comes with a standard salad as well. The salad was is simple mix of lettuce and tomatoes and onions and offers a nice light balance to compliment the other meal components. The meal is topped with small grilled soft pita pieces and then is drizzled in white sauce and if requested spicy red sauce. When served in the tin bowl it looks like the authentic New York Cart food. The only drawback missing from the experience is the joy that comes with taking the sauce bottle and drowning the food yourself in white sauce, although extra white sauce is available for a small fee and comes in a plastic cup with a lid on the side.


While the cart food is the main draw to the restaurant, they have recently expanded their menu to cater to a broader array of choices.   The also offer Creekstone Farms beef burgers, NY strip steak and Ribeye steak. The steaks are made fresh to order on the grill and come with a side of French fries and salad.A very nice feature at the restaurant is the addition of fresh juices available. They offer fresh sugar cane juice, coconut juice and others. This provides a nice balance of refreshing flavors to the meal and is a rare treat to enjoy, especially on a hot Floridian summer afternoons.


With New York Style Cart Food as its main attraction, this alone is enough to get you in the door. Additional menu items are enticing and the offering of fresh Sugar Cane juice is definitely a plus. The service is great and friendly and the food quality is consistent. For a quick bite on the run or an informal dine-in experience with friends and family, this is a great spot to pick. For more information visit their Facebook page.


Address: 1150 West State Road 434, Longwood, FL

Phone: (407) 960-4496

Website:  OMG: Oh My Gyro

Guru’s Rapid Review: 4 out of 5 stars

Must Try: Mixed Platter Cart Food


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