Guru’s Rapid Reviews: O’Town Burger N Wings, Orlando, FL

Guru’s Rapid Review: O’Town Burger N Wings

City: Orlando, Fl

Food Category: American Fast-Food, Mediterranean


For years the Orlando halal burger scene has been stagnate with limited options. Many fast-food locations offered the pre-made frozen burger patties. Visitors were content that there were at least halal burgers available while on their family vacations. Many locals looked to other major cities like New York and Toronto in envy over the vast choices of burger offerings. But over the last year, the halal burger arms-race in Orlando has escalated much to the delight of the local community taste buds. With the opening of O’Town Burger N Wings, the consumer response was immediate, showing just how much demand was there. On most nights the charcoal grill is sizzling with juice Angus beef patties being made fresh to order.

As the name implies, this restaurant serves halal burgers and chicken fast-food sandwiches. The main draw to the restaurant is the fresh Angus beef burgers which are charcoal grilled fresh to order. They have several different variations on the burger to suit different tastes and desire. They range from the traditional cheeseburger to more elaborate choices. They have a special “Pink sauce” that they dress their burgers with. It is likely a combination of creamy white mayonnaise and a hot sauce. The use of high quality Angus beef, and the flame grilled cooking technique are two key features that show they are serious about their craft. The use of an artisan bun that is toasted also show their attention to detail to create a superior dining experience for the customer.


In addition to their Angus beef burger, they also offer a variety of chicken options, including a Crispy chicken sandwich, wings and tenders. While these are good, they clearly play a supporting role. The shoestring fries are deep fried and then salted with a spicy salt mix which add an extra layer of flavor to the traditional French fry side dish. The restaurant also serves some of the traditional middle-eastern dishes, namely shawarmas, falafels and marinated beef kabobs over rice.


This is a must visit if you are a local and haven’t already heard about it or if you are visiting the city of Orlando. The Angus beef burger is the star of the show and has elevated the artisan burger scene in Orlando. Based on its location it is a little bit of a drive from the main community centers and tourist attractions but is well worth a special trip. If you are visiting on a busy night like Friday or Saturday, it may be worthwhile to call ahead and place your order and let them know how long it will be before you arrive so they can try and time the order for you so it doesn’t get cold.

Address: 6614 Old Winter Garden Rd, Orlando, Fl, 32835 

Phone: (407) 286-0515

Website:  O’Town Buger N Wings

Guru’s Rapid Review: 4 out of 5 stars

Must Try: The Burger !!!!



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